Remove Low-Quality Links. You don’t want those fiverr $1 links on your site. So get them off. Fight Negative SEO. Your competitors may try to slap your site with thousands of low-quality links. It’s a dirty way of competing in business but get these links off. This will be a big problem with the SEO of your website. You need to fix this.

These are big parts on maintaining a good SEO score. You will need a good backlinks. You will need to clean up the bad links too.

Links on your website are divided into internal and external. You want to frequently get both cleaned up. Here’s how to handle your internal links.
2 Tips To Maintaining A Clean Internal Link Profile. Check For Broken Links. If a page on your website comes up with a 404 error display, you have a broken link. It may be a page you took down without updating others with the hyperlink. Fix it.• Avoid Tweaking Anchor Text LinksManipulating anchor text could get you ranking in 2008, but don’t do it in 2017. Leave them having a natural flow.